Wednesday, 16 November 2011

November 16th 2011- Winter, Concerts and Other Rambling

Wow, it's cold this morning. Like really cold. I mean right now I can't really tell how cold it is because the heating is on full blast but believe me, it's bitterly cold right now. To be honest when I was younger I used to hate this country. I used to despise the simple attitudes, the underdog mentality and the hatred and violence. While I still hate the hatred and the violence I probably have became pretty endeared with living here, where although I want to travel I know I'll always be back. Is it ironic that I hate the hatred? Like I'm part of the reason why hatred is so prevalent over here? Maybe, I have no idea.

The point I'm making here is that while I am satisfied living in this beautiful country for the time being, the one thing I hate asides from the hatred is the weather. Winter is almost unbearable to me. There's nothing more depressing than being on the bus back home at about 4 o'clock in complete dark, it's horrible. Every single year I find myself constantly, pathetically spending a serious amount of time on this website:

The website calculates exactly what time it gets dark at for every single day of the year and when lighter nights begin to come the excitement seeing it get brighter each week on this website is way higher than it should be. 

My point is I'm going to a big cup quarter final for our local team tonight and it's going to be absolutely freezing up there, I just know it! So I may not be able to post for a few days due to frostbite or something, I'm really dreading going out to watch it tonight. Sure the match is exciting, but I know I'm going to be out there in baltic (that's Belfast slang for cold) conditions which spoils things slightly for me at least.

Anyway after the match I'm then going to a local bar, club thingy to watch this relatively unknown Indie band The Antlers play. They aren't that particularly a good band but they do have this one song called I Don't Want Love that's okay and is definitely worth a search. I'm going mainly as a favour to the friend I'm going to the soccer with, well a sort of favour. He bought one ticket a few weeks ago fully anticipating he was going to have to go by himself which is pretty sad isn't it? Anyway, because I didn't want him to be lonely and because I didn't want to take a 30 minute bus ride home by myself I decided to get a ticket too so tonight's going to be totally chockablocked going to a football match then to a concert straight after. I'm still very much a concert new comer only ever going to two concerts before in my life so it's going to be an interesting one. Here's hoping I don't end up getting drunk and making a complete fool out of myself as that wouldn't be particularly good.

I'm going to go here but before I do I want to note the fact that my increased dosage of citalopram is keeping me alert and energetic in the morning which means I won't be tempted to lie in for ages like I've been in the last few months. That's a good thing, I think. Yesterday I was in a weird mood, sometimes quite happy and other times nearly horribly depressed. I think that's due to a lack of things to do yesterday. Keeping yourself busy seems to be the best way to expunge that inner chatterbox in your head filling it with horrible thoughts, it's certainly a good idea in my opinion. I also exercised and worked out yesterday for the first time since Friday so go me! Gotta run guys, have a good Wednesday and all that. Would be cool if you all told me about your concert experiences in comments, I'm curious to know. Anyway, bye guys!



  1. I have the same here..I love this country, but I don't like cold..but to be honest it's a hell of a lot better than the winters where I'm from in America..snow so high it freezes the door shut, comes up to your waist and its so below freezing, its sick. And my school when I was younger never got cancelled, so I had to go to school in that..never never living in a place like that again, haha! So, I enjoy the winter here for what it is and definitely what it is not!! Hope your day is swish!! xx

  2. im from a 3rd world country... if it snowed in here... we're doomed! O_O

  3. So far winter here is fine, but it gets worse, HATE the stupid cold.

  4. Oh ouch. I'm so sorry about the weather. I totally get it, I hate the cold with a passion it makes me crazy. I can't stand it.
    Well, hope you could hang in there. Hugs.

  5. that's odd. I've always wanted to experience how it feels like freezing. I mean, wearing nice jackets/sweaters, gloves,scarfs and boots. I think it's pretty cool. HAHA! or? maybe I wasn't thinking at all. you think? I mean, again, is cold really that bad? because here in the Philippines, if it's not raining, it's sunny and it's boring. haha! but of course, I love it here =))

  6. I love the cold because out here it's rare, sounds like you're in for a fun night out

  7. Idol hands are the devils play things.
    I think hating hate is good! Hate sucks! Its counter productive and boring!
    As for the weather I can agree! When I had a job I'd go to work in the morning when it was dark and as I got off work it would be dark! I'd go months only seeing day on the weekends! (I'd feel like a vampire!)

  8. Didn't you go to another match where you freezed your butt off.

  9. My husband keeps the house so cold, i go around in an oversized cozy lived shirt (with a top underneath) and sometimes a blanket over me!

    i am so old i saw "Journey" a couple of times...with the original lead singer...Steve what's his name...(See, i'm so old, the memory is gone!) Anyhow, the concerts were great!

    Perry, Steve Perry!

    And Elton John, etc....amazing shows!

    Try to stay warm!

  10. I know that feel. I hate my place and want to live just traveling around the world.

  11. You should visit LA! You won't have to worry about pesky ol winter here.

  12. I also hate how it gets dark so quickly. Bah. Come back summer :(

  13. I know how you feel about the weather. I lived in Iceland for 18 months-it NEVER got warm. Plus, they ate sharks' heads (which were considerately from dead sharks). But their women were breathtaking. Which took your mind off the fact that you were eaten a frikkin' SHARK'S head.
    November 16: on this day 20 years ago, I was 20 years younger.
    Yes, yes, I know, amazing.
    And you wonder why I don't get Blog of Note?

  14. Matthew I've actually never been to a live concert. Other than to the symphony, but that doesn't count! It is also very cold in Chicago, I pulled out my Down coat today and it is dark at around 5 pm...

  15. I've been to so many concerts and have been surprised by bands I didn't know. If you give some bands a chance, they can blow you away. Hope you have fun tonight despite the cold weather.


  16. It definitely is ironic that you hate the hatred...but not that surprising. I would probably hate hatred too! lol!
    Sorry it's so cold over there! Maybe you should buy those portable hand warmers to keep in your pockets! They might keep you a little warmer while out in the chilly weather!
    Hope you have fun watching The Antlers! Let us know how the concert goes! :)
    Glad your mornings are a bit peppier! I'm sure it helps to start the day with lots of energy!