Wednesday, 8 February 2012

8th February 2012- Should Mentally Disabled People Be Allowed On The Internet and iTunes Giftcards

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Okay, for a change this post isn't going to be one about me too much but before getting into the main part of this post I just wanted to share a really frustrating moment yesterday. Okay, there's this music act I really like quite a lot currently known as the Knux. The Knux are a not so well known rap/rock act and I can assure you all that they are so many different shades of awesome. I love them so much that when I was out yesterday I decided to buy a 15 pound iTunes gift card just so I could buy their second album "the Eraser." Despite getting some serious mocking from my friends "come on Matthew, who really buys music these days?" I soldiered on, bought the card and went home excitedly looking forward to downloading the Knux's new album. Well my excitement wasn't long lived because when I finally came home I discovered that the album isn't for sale on the UK iTunes and that I can't use the USA iTunes because I'm currently, not actually in the UK! It's frustrating to say the least, definitely a bad advertisement for actually buying music. The Knux still rule though, check them out if they sound like you're kind of thing.

But anyway, onto the main point of my post. Well before I go any further here I want to say that if you're easily disgusted by a creepy video or a vulgar word or two you really shouldn't read any longer. I mean despite swearing a lot in real life I like to keep this blog clean but I'm just warning you guys. 

Today I wanted to ask you guys if you think that extremely or not even extremely, maybe even just moderately mentally disabled people should be allowed on the internet or if there should be some kind of rules for internet use? Honestly, I'm kind of split on the whole thing. I know of a lot of severely autistic people who have seriously fell foul of the internet and have been harassed and bullied online simply because they don't realise that there are some horrible people on the internet who exist simply to laugh and mock others despite their disabilities. I've saw these people make videos of extremely private things that shouldn't be shared and allow themselves to be mocked and bullied over yet their disabilities prevent them from realising what's right or wrong. Sometimes these mental disabilities can even lead to real lift situations of bullying and harassment and as a person with some morals it kind of hurts me to see.

For the record I haven't got a thing against mentally disabled people, I just think it really sucks to see them exploited and bullied because they don't know anything better. It's the duty of saner people such as these victims parents or caregivers to look after them and completely cut off their internet activity but I just don't see it happening much even when the internet use leads to sometimes disastrous consequences.

This video is something I stumbled upon a few days ago and it really sickened, annoyed and confused me. In the video the guy who is apparently called Timothy who suffers from a few mental illnesses obviously, spends the video staring absent mindedly at a photo of some cartoon character from the old television show Dexter Laboratory expressing his extreme love for the character. See the thing is, no one who was mentally well would see uploading this video as a bad idea but because of his illness he's unable to realise this and allows himself to become a target for bullying and harassment. I'm warning you guys that the video is creepy though:

As if the video isn't creepy enough the description takes creepy to a whole new level...

"Just me meeting one of Dee Dee's Asian Friend, Lee Lee, in her pajamas (which consists of green sleeping pants and a light green long sleeved shirt that exposes her stomach). Sorry for being a faggot, or an idiot or a moron but Don't call me names that I'don't like! and a thousand apologies for that heavy breathing and masturbating, so don't get me down! She's just Dee Dee's Asian friend from Dexter's Laboratory, you know."

As weird, unnatural and scary this video is it underlines exactly what I think is a huge problem in our society thanks to the internet. The internet is giving mentally ill people such as Timothy a place to vent their strange thoughts and people are then seeing this and realising that they can take advantage of the guy if they really want to. Something needs to be done but I don't think anything will be so we can expect these guys to sadly be around to make fools of themselves on the internet for a long time to come.

But anyway that's me done with this post for now guys. I hope you've all had a great Wednesday and continue to have a good week! I'll probably post again tomorrow and on Friday too since I'm going on a trip to Dublin to see a football/soccer game on Saturday, I'll post about that for sure before I go. Have a good one guys!



  1. yeah that was a cold dish of creepy I'm not sure I needed. haha

  2. Wow that video and its description is creepy! You bring up some good points about if disabled people should use the internet! People definitely need to be better informed of how the internet works before they should use it!

  3. Creepy and disturbing indeed. Even so called normal people though are pretty disabled when it comes to the internet, if that makes sense. Because people put some pretty stupid things on there, either way it's going to keep happening, not much anyone can do.

  4. whew! hard topic. There should be more instruction on how to use the internet in schools and in homes. I definitely was creeped out by the video- someone needs to teach this boy what is, and is not appropriate- if he is able to post a video on his own, then he can handle a lesson on morality and internet usage.

  5. I was too scared to watch the video!!

    Also, Im glad someone out there actually tries to buy music, I'd hate to see someone i know get in trouble for pirating everything.

    From Patt, " Even so called normal people though are pretty disabled when it comes to the internet" - I agree wholeheartedly.

  6. Buying music, wow people still do that huh?

  7. I'd have to say that I originally thought this 'timothy' was a troll. But I usually always initially see everyone on the internet as trolls that are male, until they prove otherwise.

    You are hitting a good point in your post. Those that do have the disabilities to such a degree need advocates and champions to see them to safety. Thanks for bringing this up.

  8. Sorry about the music card.

    The video.....sad, just sad. Our son has high functioning Autism and is quite smart, but i do worry sometimes about the time he spends on the internet. He's 20 thought, so, if he didn't have a "disability"...he'd be on his own doing what ever, so...

    i don't know where that ramble came from...

    Thank you for your comments on my blob!

  9. That makes me INSANE when stuff I want isn't on the US itunes. It's such rubbish!! And I still buy music; lots and lots of it. (It's impossible to download classical music for free because the cretins who put it on those free sites always label it wrong.)

    That video is a bit weird.... I don't know if it would be right to allow or disallow anyone to use the internet (unfortunately). I think the issue with disabled persons using it is similar to smaller children using it--it's really the responsibility of their parents or caregivers to watch what they're doing and make sure they're not doing anything that might be inappropriate or potentially harmful to them. :/


  10. The internet should have no rules ever....apart from rule 34

  11. Very, very weird. I know in this country there are so many mentally disabled people walking around with no insurance and no meds. Their families turn their backs or just do the bare minimum to help them. Insurance companies dictate when their coverage has been maximized and deem them "cured". Not the doctors. It's just awful. We live in a sad world I'm afraid.

  12. That is super, super weird. I really agree with your concerns, but how does anyone determine who is or is not mentally capable of using the internet? Would it be IQ? A signed statement from a doctor? If so, what would be the cut-off and who would be the arbiter of mental health? I'd be leery of going down the road of "You've got too many problems to use the internet so here's a box of crayons and see what you can find on TV." I gotta agree with Mich on this one. And Barb speaks volumes of truth, too.
    But, what do I know? My blog has a picture of me sitting on a curbside toilet.

  13. I don't think we should allow legislative bodies to restrict internet access based on something like this because it opens the door for them to restrict for other arbitrary reasons and ultimately impedes upon our freedoms. But that is one creepy vid and what he wrote underneath is is creepier. His caregivers are responsible for his well being and should take the blame for harassment he's received. Kudo's to you for paying for music Matthew!!

  14. This is definitely an interesting post Matthew. First of all, sorry to hear you can't download the entire album and you spent money on an itunes card. As for mentally disabled people I think they should use it with guidance as they can be apt to ill willed individuals.

  15. They should be allowed to use it just like any other person. But just like any person on the internet they should be made aware of the consequences of being online.

    There are assholes everywhere you go and the internet just makes it easier to be one. If you can't handle the abuse or the type of people you encounter, leave, simple as that. It'll be easier for you in the long run.

  16. I hope nobody gets the impression that I HATE disabled people and think they should have their internet rights taken away from them by reading my post. I get how it sounds but I'm really the opposite, I don't want to see these people be picked on and abused just because their brain inhibits them from thinking as wisely as normally tuned people do!

  17. I didn't watch the video but I read your post. I'm so sorry people are bullied on Facebook and other places. It's very sad. And to bully someone who is disabled is the lowest. I would just say the caretakers or parents of the disabled should monitor what they do and where they go on the internet as much as they can.

  18. sunset here is around 7pm. it's still kinda bright till like 7.50pm sometimes.

    1. unless of course if it decides to rain :(

  19. I know I'd be too disturbed to watch the video, so I didn't. I agree it's terribly sad, even tragic, that these people are exploited. I also agree nothing can/will be done. It's not people with developmental disabilities whose rights should be restricted. It's people with mental health issues (which covers pretty much everyone but the Dhalai Lama) - specifically, the ones inclined to harass and bully them. Of course, this can't be done either. Like you're saying, when there's no system for checks and balances, there are serious problems.


  20. I don't think they should be banned from online activity, but maybe supervised? The internet is a place of freedom for everyone...too bad there's always going to be assholes who prey on the weak and simple minded. sucks.

  21. I say no but but for the higher functioning people like Daxflame then I think its ok