Saturday, 31 March 2012

March 31st 2012- Last Night and The A to Z Challenge

I'm one hell of a burned out guy this morning. Last night was a lot of fun despite the fact that I stayed completely sober but I drank two of these cans of this hectic energy drink and that combined with worry over my ill grandmother, my brother going of to the city with one friend (he's still not home), after I was told to look after him and this stupid worry over this girl I really care for who I tried to do the right thing with, it backfired and now I'm scum I ended up being unable to sleep until about five in the morning. My citalopram won't let me sleep too late into the morning so I've been up since nine and I'm kind of struggling after only operating on four hours of sleep.

We just went to a bar, where a lot of the guys I'm mates with were down then went to another one then we all split up. Some of my friends went to this under age night club thing that's hard to explain while my brother and a buddy went off into Belfast to go clubbing so some of us just decided to go home. It was good though, despite not drinking I had this massive buzz and I was able to talk away to everyone and have a really fun time, it's tough to talk since I'm so tired but here's some photos of me on the night out:

In the third photo I apparently look like a doppelgänger of Tin Tin haha, what do you guys think? Do you think I look sober in these too? I really should because I am haha. But anyway, I'd better stop writing about last night since my brain needs concentration for the next part of this post, hang on.

Okay, what I really wanted to write about today is something all of you I'm sure know about, the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Basically the challenge goes on throughout the month of April where every blogger involved needs to make a post every single day based off every single letter in the alphabet in order. Okay, I'm doing a poor job of explaining it so you guys who haven't heard of it already should go to the official page of the challenge or  to someone in the know such as the awesome Lee's or the seriously talented Jenny's blogs for more details.

I myself am not competing in the challenge at least this year because I feel like I'm not talented enough yet to measure up to the contributions of the majority of the challenges participants and too much is happening right now for me to fully commit to it in all honesty as well. Despite that several of my favourite bloggers will be competing and I wish them the best of luck and know they are going to do awesome so make sure to check them out. This month is going to be a great month for blogging and I can't wait to read and enjoy all the blogs that are going to be coming in over April.

This is me done posting for now anyway. My four hour rested body can't do much today but I'm going to try and do cardio and some light curls and get to sleep at a very early time to hopefully sync my sleeping schedule to where I want it to be. I need to stay up until four on Sunday night as well but after that I just want things to go back to normal in my life, is that too much to ask? But anyway, have a good weekend everyone of you and I look forward to reading all the contributions from participants in the challenge tomorrow. My brother still isn't home by the way, I swear the guy is crazy, ciao everybody.



  1. You kinda DO look like Tin Tin.
    I worry about drinking energy drinks. I'm afraid they'd make me mental or my penis would fall off. Either one would be bad.
    I'm happy the challenge starts tomorrow. I'm all set to read/comment full steam again.
    Okay, I'm going to throw out my son's 5 Hour Energy drinks.
    I just don't trust myself.
    Plus, I want to hang onto my penis.

  2. hahaha yeah you don't look drunk but you look rather like Tin Tin. Hey it beats Rin Tin Tin..haha....the A to Z is nothing to me, I just slap up a post and go about the daily rhyming of the cat..haha

  3. Glad you had fun even if you stayed sober. Don't worry dude I don't think you're scum.

  4. You clearly are not drunk in these photo's and you kind of do look like Tin-Tin. And it looks like you had a good time being out without drinking, so good for you.

    No way could I do the A-Z challenge. I'm having a hard time pulling 3 blogs a week out of my ass. I admire those folks who are doing it though and wish them the best of luck.

  5. aw your such a cutie and hey you are very talented you should totally try the challenge even if you don't complete it give it a shot

  6. If I waited until I thought I was talented enough for the A-Z, I would never ever do it.
    You look sober to me.

  7. Wow, I didn't even know about this challenge! Definitely gonna try it now, thanks and I'm now following!

  8. I think your talented enough to do the blog challenge!

  9. Glad to hear that you found a way to go out an have a good time without getting plastered.

  10. yes, Matthew. im glad you had a good time without the drinks !
    btw, red looks good on you :p

  11. I hope your bro came home safely. It's tough to live in constant worry-mode. Yes, you look sober and good in those pictures.

    Be well.

  12. Who is the bloke in the tartan shirt, Tintin?

  13. Is it bad that I have no idea who Tin Tin is and that I will have to google him after I post my comment?

    Glad that you were able to be sober and have a great time! Great pics! :)

    And I think in the pictures you look happy and as though you were having a great time!

  14. (eyebrow raised) a doppelgänger? don't think so :)

  15. Staying sober too (By state requires) But don't worry so much! It doesn't do any good. Also, i will not be doing that A-Z challenge lolz

  16. I'm really interested in doing a monthl-long challenge! I can't wait to see your posts throughout this month! I'm thinking to try the photograph a day challenge :)

  17. I tried doing a month-long challenge and lasted three days. Epic #fashionbloggerfail. Now I don't even try.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  18. I'd be more inclined to do the challenge if it didn't require me to post every day AND if it wasn't finals month.

  19. Fun photos glad you had a good time without having to drink.

    xo erica

  20. Thank you, Matthew for the shout out to my blog - you are one awesome dude! I find myself needing to get a tad sentimental and just say you are one heck of a fine character and I am so pleased to have made your acquaintance out here in Bloggerville.

    Considering you are not "doing" the Challenge you are truly a phenomenal participant by virtue the support you give it.

    Again, thank you and big hugs are coming your way.
    Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.