Monday, 2 September 2013

2nd September 2013- Train Wreck, Vomiting and Saturday Night

As you can see from the title this post isn't going to be pleasant haha. On Saturday night we all made the decision that since we hadn't been out with each other in a good while, some friends far longer than others, that we were all going to go out together to Belfast on Saturday and get drunk and I'm not going to lie I was game for it. Work had been hellacious over the last 14 days, I'd been working flat out non stop and barely had any free time for myself, I hadn't seen some friends in ages like I say and most surprisingly I realised that I hadn't drank alcohol since the start of July which was almost 60 days ago. It was also the last day of the Summer essentially so with all those factors combined I thought it was only fair that I'd go on a night out where I'd drink a little and enjoy myself but I was wrong on so many different levels.

The night itself was good, don't get me wrong. I really liked seeing Darren, a friend of mine who I hadn't seen since before Summer really started, it was great hanging with Jamie since we've not been gyming it together for a while and it's always good to see Ryan, one of my closest friends that I've ever made in my life but as those of you who follow me on Twitter over at @heathyheath_ know it didn't take me very long to deviate from my plans of having a nice quiet night. Because everybody else was heading up a bit later on in the one car I decided to meet up with my old friend Darren in town first of all before getting our bus up to Belfast and after catching up with Darren it turned out that he had weed with him and we shared a joint and both got really high. By the time Ryan had climbed onto the bus I was bouncing and after about an hour or two of drinking I got really drunk which was fun at the time but made me sort of lose every ounce of what sense I had remaining.

By the end of the night it was apparent that since there was only five seats in Jamie's car, and since Darren just had to take a short fifteen minute walk back home it meant that Ryan and I were going to have to get a taxi but for some reason it took us a long time to order anything. I guess that Ryan and I just got sort of lost in the city you know? We walked around for hours on end just talking, occasionally going to get a coffee and chain smoking like we were 40 a day habitual smokers, which I might add effectively ruined my entire Summer spent not smoking as well. Eventually at four in the morning after several hours of good conversation we decided to order a taxi and that was where things really took a turn for the worst.

The taxi driver was an Asian man, from Pakistan or somewhere which I have no problem with in the slightest but it caused there to be a bit of a language barrier between us where he couldn't understand me and vice versa, he took fifteen pounds off me for petrol for the taxi promising to take it off the balance I owed him for the taxi, when he dropped Ryan off I had no idea how to direct him out of the housing estate Ryan lived in and we ended up driving around for a bit, then the road to my town was closed so I had to get him to use his satellite navigation system which he could have did in the first place to take us on this long and windy massive route to get into the town.

When we arrived in town too further disaster struck. My stomach, host to the dirty tar, nicotine and poisons from the cigarettes, countless coffees and a greasy donar kebab started giving me some serious bother. I had to take deep breaths in and out of my nose to keep myself stabilised but the pain in my gut didn't get any better and if anything intensified and I basically pleaded with the driver to stop the taxi before opening the door and then proceeding to throw up in the middle of the street! Fortunately since it was nearly five in the morning the street was absolutely dead and nobody but the taxi driver seen me throwing up. While wiping what was possibly tears from my eyes I told the taxi driver that I was going to just walk up from where we were to no real protest from him after just seeing what I did to the pavement and possibly fearing I'd do the same thing to the taxi. The taxi driver then proceeded to charge me the full 25 pounds fare, completely ignoring the 15 pounds I'd already given him for taxi, I opened my mouth to argue then after having enough for the night I just sighed, handed him his 25 pounds and trudged off into the night.

After walking all the way through town (in what I guess is traditionally called the "walk of shame") home it was around 6 o'clock when I finally made it home and crashed into bed. Man it was good to see old friends and it was interesting to actually be out and about but if this is the lifestyle people my age and younger live every weekend then I really am looking at the wrong kind of thing to spend my time doing haha, at least it makes for an interesting story though, even a disappointed, tired and physically wrecked Matthew can still admit to that.



  1. It did make for an interesting story. Taxis are hit and miss sometimes and it's a shame yours was a total bust. At least you got to see all your friends and have a wicked time before the night caught up to you. As for the walk of shame, as far as I understand it the walk of shame is when you walk home in the same clothes you were wearing the night before. The implication is that you had a one night stand or got so smashed that you didn't make it home. I'm not sure if it counts when you just happened to be out until that time.

  2. haha wow quite the outing indeed. Yeah that lifestyle is fun maybe once in a blue moon, but the ones that do it every single weekend are crazy

  3. Haha...silly boy. Once in a blue moon, but not good for a regular thing. You are a responsible working adult now ;D

  4. Mark's right about the walk of shame. Not that I have any personal knowledge or anything. I won't admit to puking in the street, but I will admit to barfing in my bed aboard ship, putting the sheets in the laundry hamper (I know...ewwww), and then trying to get some sleep. It apparently was cold during the night because I woke up with my legs and arms in my pillowcase. Yeah, that little episode will make the book, too.

  5. It's balance! You had a little too much fun and the world decided things had to go at least a little wrong!

    Just kidding. I don't go out often not just because of the money, but because I also don't like that early morning road back. Once every few months is my acceptable limit.

  6. We all vomit out of a car at some point.

    Totally was not a walk a shame I don't think. I always think of the walk of shame as being when you leave a man's house in the same outfit you wore the night before, with your makeup a mess and your shirt on inside out. And you can't remember the man's name.

    ...not that I've ever done such a thing.

    Aside from getting sick and getting very overcharged by the taxi driver, it sounds like you had a fun night out!


  7. Awww, Matthew, you are waaaay too hard on yourself.

    Now, here's the REAL walk of shame. Getting so drunk at your Mum's house (yes, i'm still staying with her) that you stumble down the hall, fall and hit yout head, Mum threatens to call the cops or an ambulance....well you get the ugly picture....yes, i have the bump to prove it....stupid girl. Not that i would really do anything like that 'cause my life back home is so great....ha.

    The real thing is, you have been doing super with the not smoking and not drinking and nothing can take that away from you. Please try to remember that okay. i think you are amazing!

    (Sorry to make this all about you well know, i have a tendency to do that....)

    Sending much love, tracy

  8. Oh wow, sounds like you had a crazy weekend Matt. Things like that will definitely happen to each of us in our lifetime, but hey you can take it as a lesson to avoid it in the future. Don't be too hard on yourself Matt, you're young and you have your whole life ahead of you. We all get messed up once in awhile and do crazy things but it doesn't make you any less of a person of course. It's just something we experience in our life. But hopefully it won't happen frequently. :)

  9. As long as you vomited outside of the car and not in the car... your night could have been much, much worse.

    These are the kind of nights that are fun to look back on and laugh, so long as they don't happen all that often. I know about 2-3 times a year for me is about all I can muster these days.

  10. See, as unhealthy as what you just did was, I'm still kind of envious.

    You went out, and you did something. You pretty much had an adventure, you will have the memory of doing something fun (and arguably) stupid with people you liked.

    Myself? I sit at home all day in front of a computer. Less dangerous, but not as interesting.

  11. what a day!
    a friend in Dubai threw up inside a taxi after a new year's party.