Thursday, 5 September 2013

5th September 2013- Busiest Week, Brother's Birthday and Moving Out

Sorry that I've been poor with posting this week. I hate when I'm like that and always actively try to avoid it but things have been so busy for me that I just have struggled to keep on top for various reasons. To be honest the rest of this week I won't be posting, despite the majority of the school rush ending work has been busy this week and I've ended up working every single day this week apart from the upcoming Sunday which I'll thankfully get off because I could really do with a day off right about now.

Yesterday was supposed to be my day off but I got a phone call at 10:30 from my boss asking if I could come in at 11 instead which didn't annoy me much but still niggled at me a little to be honest. I'm glad to work but it can just be an inconvenience at times, as weird as it sounds it's important to me that I at blog at least three times a week and no matter what keep up to date with all the blogs that I follow. It's also top of my priorities to get at least three gym workouts in during a week so anything that impedes that really annoys me. Yesterday was my brother's birthday too and I needed to go out for his birthday dinner but obviously needed to gym it as well and although things worked out fine it still annoyed me that it slightly put my chances of getting to go to gym in jeopardy but it all worked out in the end and I managed to write this post so at least that's something I guess.

Physically I've been feeling tired and part of me wants things to slow down so I can just lie back and for once in the first time in what it seems ages, just take a deep breath and relax. I don't get moments like that very often which is a shame because I love them. The fact that working's keeping me busy is a good thing though, I'd rather be working than unemployed and I've got to keep that in mind. I'm basically guaranteed working at where I work for the rest of 2013 which is brilliant and I can never view that as a bad thing no matter how much I have to work, after all working 6 days a week is something loads of people do, I shouldn't be complaining.

Anyway as I said earlier yesterday was my brother's birthday, his 23rd to be precise and he seemed to have a good day. I got him a mug that came with those jelly beans he loves and a two player Wii game that he can play with his girlfriend and he seemed happy enough so things were good in that department. It sort of makes me baffled though that my brother who I remember being a young child and seeing enter secondary school, who I've been through so many things with at the age of 23. I also think that at the age of 23 it's a little disgraceful he's never worked a day of a proper job in his life. He's getting older now and yet he's still content to sit around and do nothing and views working as an inconvenience, he's got to wise up and grow up and start doing something with his life. It's not my role so I'd never say it to his face, only on here, but he needs to start looking for a job again and stop being so lazy.

His girlfriend and him are also thinking about both moving out and getting a flat together which I find interesting. To be honest ever since they started dating I've barely seen Andrew, he's just spent the majority of his time at her house even staying around the house while she's in work so it sort of feels like he's moved out already and I guess the next logical step would be getting a flat. The only thing is that he's not really the best person for adult things and while his girlfriend is a nice girl she isn't really so I'm not sure how either of them moving out in their current mindsets would go but if they're going to do it they're going to do it and I guess that I should just be glad that my brother's not going to end up living with his parents for the rest of his life which was always a fear of mine, now I should be directing that fear at myself.

It's just weird you know? All these years of growing up, of living life and finally things are changing, they've been changing for a long time and I just haven't realised but now my brother's 23 and set to move out and it's sort of woken me up a little. This is the natural progression of life but it's safe to say it's well and truly moving in full swing now and things are changing, things are becoming different, and part of me actually doesn't mind it!



  1. Yep, many things will come do as things change more and more. But in that mindset, could be interesting

  2. I hate when I'm inconvenienced too, especially if I was planning to do something long in advance. But hey, as you said, better to be working than not.

    Also, if your brother's never a worked a day in his life, how are he and his girlfriend expecting to move out and get their own place? Is she just going to pay for everything?

  3. You seem to be a lot more mature than your brother. How are they going to get a flat if he doesn't work, or is he just going to rely on state handouts? He needs to have a serious think about where he wants to go in life. I've seen plenty of people who have never worked become unfocussed and depressed. They tend to have no sense of self worth as no one relies on them or trusts them to get a job done. I know work is an inconvenience at times but it builds character. I bet he will come to regret just drifting and not applying himself. But you are right, he is an adult and it is his decision to make.

  4. It always baffles me when I encounter someone who won't work. Like last year when my friend was complaining nonstop that she had no money because she had no job, I suggested maybe she could work retail or nannying or something just until something better came along and she was actually offended! I guess we just have a better work ethic. :)


  5. It's funny, because I'm 23 and I've been working for 6 and a half years now, but then I've been kind of lucky with jobs and things.
    I know exactly how you feel about wanting to take a breath, that's how I've been feeling lately what with my dissertation deadline coming up. Thankfully I actually finished it today, which means I can have a rest now! I've still got work, but at least I can relax when I come home now :)
    I hope you enjoy your day off on Sunday.

  6. I don't think I'll be too weirded out when my brother moves out. He's moved in and out a lot really and I'm waiting for the day he moves out permanently. I'll be sad to see him go though when he does. He has a job now so maybe he'll be considering doing it properly soon. I hope you can get yourself some rest man. You've definitely earned it.

  7. Yeah, life is about change. I'm glad that you're good with your bro's talking about moving out. Maybe it will actually help strengthen your relationship.

    Be well and keep faith, Matthew.

  8. I've never understood why you're not content with your brother. He's not living up to your expectations, sure, but they're your expectations and he's still content. Just be happy he wants to move himself around enough and leave it at that.

    You wouldn't want people judging your lifestyle at any point. At least I wouldn't, much less family.

  9. Hopefully, having the responsibility of his own flat will teach him a thing or two about being a grownup.
    Here's hoping.

  10. Bleh... Your brother only serves to remind me of what I've lost. :\

    But yeah, I can relate to the being bothered by missing work-out sessions. I'm always trying to find a way to balance it so that I can get an hour in after work.

  11. It's nice to have a few days off to relax here and there. It's not fun to work without days off so I completely understand. But I love how grateful you are for your job :)

    I don't know but I don't think anyone would allow your brother to move into a flat without a job so he might not be moving out altogether just yet. But maybe things a little different where you live?

    I hope that things get a little less busy and that you have a good weekend.

  12. I have to agree a bit with D4, your brother is living his own life and you are living yours. You both will live them the way you both see fit, they won't be the same, they will be as you each choose for them to be. If he never works, then it's his choice, not yours. Only he knows what's best for himself and where he wants to be. If he moves out and his girlfriend or whom ever supports him while he does nothing, that still is his choice and no one else's. We just need to concentrate on our own paths and no one else's. He may surprise everyone and do something completely different than anyone thinks. Shouldn't be so quick to jump or judge!! :)

  13. Thankful that you still have a job, its always a blessings ~ Maybe its a good thing to move out and live on one's own as you grow up very quickly ~ Wishing you happy weekend Mathew ~ Cheers ~